Monday, July 12, 2010

Mountain Jam Video

I finally finished up the edit over the weekend I hope everyone likes it. Thanks to everyone who picked up the camera. I did not quite get everything its hard to not ride when their is so much awesome riding going on. Anyways in enjoy!

- Brad H.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Drier Then A Nuns Kweef!!

New screener!!

water sweep ride what else is there?
Beat Down
The trails are super dry as is any on the East Coast. Dialing has begun after the jam traffic pounded the poor patch. I dont mind I love jams. The weather is making patching a little tough and a little time consuming, F It! Gotta get patch up to snuff for the pond jumper visit next week. Hope it rains soon!!!!!!!!!!! Just not Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monster Mountain Jam Edit!

The Heathens Bud, Pat Smith shot this little sweet edit. He did a awesome job considering the equipment!! I think it kicks ass!! I missed alot of shit that went down!!! Thanks Pat, and well done!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mountain Jam Round 2!!!

More pics web edit coming soon!!
Brandon Dosch

Eric Vasquez spell? free nut shot if im wrong

Captain Rad! Derek Brower

Josh Stanley pic, Derek Brower pimp of the patch!

Josh Stanley pic, Morgan Wade getting it done on the 30ftr!!

Look at the tickets intense!! Laura Baker pic

Rylan Bennett pic, best trick onlookers

After party Mayhem! Rylan Bennett pic

Everyone for themselves!!

Awesome shots from different peeps!! Amazing time,, thanks again to all the sponsors and people behind the scene that helped hook it up-Mr. Bestwick-Monster Energy, Bobby Parker-Sunday Bikes and Full Factory Distribution, John Lee-FBM Bikes, Zack Warden-Levis, Fred and Robin Beury-The Patch, Camp Woodward, Brad Hawkins-Extent!! Your help and contributions put this over the top Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!! Hope the rain visits Pa soon, but not to much. Rivers low and trails are crumblin. Heathen shirts still left hit up Tommy T or Amos, get them while there hot! Heathens are stoked!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Monster Mountain Jam!!!!!

Huge thanks to Fred and Robin Beury for letting the event happen and making sure everyone signed a waiver!
The rabid redhead blew the patch up all day!! He also was the winner of best trick with a huge superman to no footed can can!!

160 wristbands were giving out but alot of people showed up after the front desk was closed! Easily 180 peeps in the patch! Thanks to everyone who made it out!!!!!!!

Commander keeping the crowd stoked!!

All ages, all smiles, all day!!!!

Participants loved the cool down boost provided by Monster!!!!!!!!!

Trains all day!!!!!!!

Mullville with the boost!!

Derek Brower!!! Dude killed it all day i dont think there was a jump he didn't three!! He is the raddest dude of the day winning himself a years supply of Monster and a mini Monster Fridge!!

Cory Foust Winner of big air contest winning himself some fresh Levis a case of Monster and many other goodies!

Scrappy the DJ and the fat man giving the Heathens and friends some nice melodies to unwind too!!

Morgan Wade bringing the big to the patch!!!!!!!
This was the best trail jam I have ever been too let alone been apart of! Huge Thanks to our sponsors: Monster Energy Drinks!!
FBM Bikes
Sunday/Full Factory Distribution
Woodward camp
This is the roots fun times! No pressure just riding getting pumped by a nut on the mic!! Also like to thank some of bmxs heavy hitters for coming out and just sending it for fun!! Awesome ! I will defiantly be stoked on this for a while. Big props to Derek Brower for being the raddest dude of the day and winning himself a years supply of Monster and a mini Monster fridge!! Cory Foust for boosting the highest air on the step up, pics conformed this!! And a Big hell yeah to Mullville for winning best trick with a huge superman to no footed can on a monster of a jump!! So many good thing s went down, Ron White getting the 30footer done!! Witnessing people knocking branches out of trees! Smiles laughs and forever good memories were embedded yesterday!! Cant wait for the 2nd annual Halloween train comp this fall!! New videos coming soon as well as a couple more posts of this fine day!! Thanks to everyone who participated in this event!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you soon it couldnt have been done without everyone of you!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thrilling Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Buckwild Buckworth frontie 30ftr!!
some of the goodies for Saturdays Jam!!!!!!!

Adam Aloise

Morgan Wade!!



AHH shit !!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Guettler

Buckworths 40ftr double frointie to backslide and hes still working for a lipslide!!!!!!!!

Chip n Dale dancer?
Wow!!!!! The Heathens got stoked out today!!!!! Seth Klinger with the photo shoot. Heavy Hitters showed up to help the Heathens set the blue groove for the jam!!! I saw this guy first run back flip the 30ftr!!WTF!! then double front to backslide! All is good for everyone who took some of the trails home with them. The step up is now called bricks, courtesy of MW. Just so many good thins to say about today! People liked it and are sure to set it off again Saturday!! Prizes are rolling in and this looks to be wilder then last years Halloween train jam contest!! People should start arriving to camp out.. so stoked on this weekend and all the awesome people!! Trail dialing riding tomorrow Jam on Saturday don't miss it!
oo and please no swimming in the water hole you might get a urinary infection, At least!!!!!!