Monday, July 5, 2010

Mountain Jam Round 2!!!

More pics web edit coming soon!!
Brandon Dosch

Eric Vasquez spell? free nut shot if im wrong

Captain Rad! Derek Brower

Josh Stanley pic, Derek Brower pimp of the patch!

Josh Stanley pic, Morgan Wade getting it done on the 30ftr!!

Look at the tickets intense!! Laura Baker pic

Rylan Bennett pic, best trick onlookers

After party Mayhem! Rylan Bennett pic

Everyone for themselves!!

Awesome shots from different peeps!! Amazing time,, thanks again to all the sponsors and people behind the scene that helped hook it up-Mr. Bestwick-Monster Energy, Bobby Parker-Sunday Bikes and Full Factory Distribution, John Lee-FBM Bikes, Zack Warden-Levis, Fred and Robin Beury-The Patch, Camp Woodward, Brad Hawkins-Extent!! Your help and contributions put this over the top Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!! Hope the rain visits Pa soon, but not to much. Rivers low and trails are crumblin. Heathen shirts still left hit up Tommy T or Amos, get them while there hot! Heathens are stoked!!!

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