Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thrilling Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Buckwild Buckworth frontie 30ftr!!
some of the goodies for Saturdays Jam!!!!!!!

Adam Aloise

Morgan Wade!!



AHH shit !!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Guettler

Buckworths 40ftr double frointie to backslide and hes still working for a lipslide!!!!!!!!

Chip n Dale dancer?
Wow!!!!! The Heathens got stoked out today!!!!! Seth Klinger with the photo shoot. Heavy Hitters showed up to help the Heathens set the blue groove for the jam!!! I saw this guy first run back flip the 30ftr!!WTF!! then double front to backslide! All is good for everyone who took some of the trails home with them. The step up is now called bricks, courtesy of MW. Just so many good thins to say about today! People liked it and are sure to set it off again Saturday!! Prizes are rolling in and this looks to be wilder then last years Halloween train jam contest!! People should start arriving to camp out.. so stoked on this weekend and all the awesome people!! Trail dialing riding tomorrow Jam on Saturday don't miss it!
oo and please no swimming in the water hole you might get a urinary infection, At least!!!!!!

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