Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Countdown Begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tired stressed Heathens
Hippie Heathen



S berms connection correction

Brad Hawkins always a pleasure

The golden shovel was awarded today!
The work keeps progressing in the patch! The Heathens are stoked on the Jam this Saturday July 3rd!!!!!! Thunderstorms are threatening evenings and Heathens aren't even riding just digging! Even with a late night thunder boomer the patch is still good. Tarps son-get some! The golden shovel was awarded and you can only imagine who got it. Don't forget mad prizes are rolling in to be raffled off and I cant believe a years supply of Monster will be awarded to the wildest raddest biggest shredder off the day!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome to say the least. The judge for this may be Bestwick himself? Good times will be had for sure so come on out. There is a wild after party in the works as well so bring a tent if you plan on attending those festivities! Heathens do not condone drinking and driving! Stay tuned for weather reports and updates!!

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