Sunday, June 20, 2010


bucket of beer
smootchie smooth

long overdue upgrade



The Heathens are getting shit done. The stuff that gets the attention is better then it has been in years!!!!!!!! Super dialed! The random thunderstorms has been making digging the main activity in the Woods lately. Not a bad thing because we are really behind this year due to landowners new twenty ten rules and dig regulations, Jarrett the overkill commander has been really putting in the time this year. Guess he feels guilty about the absence last couple years. He is crafty with a shovel but i feel little to critical his work amazing but sometimes you need to say done and walk away. High standards for the overkill commander, its all good bickering driving the soil flipping shovel pushing onslaught of this humidity. Our big jam is going to get bumped back to July 3rd. The 717 crew is having there jam on the 26th so that gives everybody there own thing no need for 2 different trail jams the same day. So get down to the patch and learn something!

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