Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Water Tanks!

Hose with no faucet=niceness
this is a standard 300 gallon tank with a valve I'm pointing to connected to a thick wall 1.5 inch 100ft? water line connected to a garden hose.........

filling the tank with buckets is a strenuous 2hr job water pump=5 minute job!

The ladder for the big boy dialing easy on the porcelain Kankles

Riding it in F-it!

sword fighting miller crew

Tysons leg today

It was a half ass dig day, Ryan came up on a sprained ankle to work on the dirt bowl. Commander and Shrek were talking about aliens and dialing dirt???? I gave straights a sweep job and little send sesh. The hose tank setup is dialed pressure is awesome with the tank filled, hopefully who ever uses it turns the valve off when there done!!!!!!!!!! Tysons leg looks terrible but hes taking care of it, going all natural no pain pills lots of skittles mountain dew and PS3! Leave a comment yah dirty bastards


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bobbyp said...

dooooooood! tyson's leg looks so nasty. get better dude!
and the picture of tommy t riding in the berm line rules. is jarret tossing him a beer mid run? that face is the face of somebody who needs a beer...that is for sure! haha

miss you guys! someday we will shred again soon!