Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Monday

didn't make it
Brent-no brakes with cast

Super stunner Keith Schmidt,


patch pappy


Patch Police

This broom is Awesome, heavy duty aluminum with a thick squeegee rubber blade great for smoothing it has a place for a hose at the end of the handle, gets work done quick and nice wish we had a couple more! you gotta get one for those little marbles

Crazy Horse back and already blistered cause these arent like packing whoopers

The new beast that has the patch pappy intimidated!

It started out a lonely day in the patch until a few Heathens rolled in from the outside. Greggy fresh off the injured list is back on it, Brent aka Shrek with cast on but coming off Friday was sending it today. The crazy horse was dialing and shredding and didnt Ole Keith Schmidt show up. It was awesome having some of the yesterdays crew in the patch to ride with. Hope Keith starts coming around little more as Dakota should too. The patch isnt far from complete so there should be a banger of a jam next month sometime so stay tuned and find out where we can score some of those dialamatic brooms!!!!


spadesandflats said...

Was a blast riding with Keith again 720s over the step up WTF!!!!!!!!!

Ron White said...

Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

greggy for using this pic as your profile pic on facebook you should give a day to the shovel, i know your allergic but just one day mate