Monday, May 10, 2010

Shit Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Shit Show hosted by the Commander! Just add Miller!
Just dialed this weekend!


Shit show+ Miller +12 hrs behind barrels on 80

Send It!


long way to the TOP!

The Heathens decided after a long weekend of slaving on a much needed improvement they hired some guineas to send it, turned into a bit bigger and harder then before! But I like it! new shit going on, soils flipping and where those resie riders hiding?? Nice having everyone together in the woods broke off or not..............Let the good times roll!


Anonymous said...

lets see all those cookie cutter tricks sissys

ryan said...

hell yeah, can't wait for that new berm so this line can tie in.

B.Hawkins said...

lookin good ryan

Anonymous said...

if ther soo cookie cutter y rnt u ladies doin them ??..