Saturday, May 22, 2010


Commando, 3 weeks and still in the same damn berm
This still needs finished.

T money turning down the revised hip

look at all those dents and divots
Well the patch has been pretty empty this year. Straights still isn't running, Harriet tubman line hasnt even been touched, the 19 ftr still needs work, and the 30 ftr and link to the dirt bowl running seems like a fucking pipe dream. This year has been a up hill battle, honey holes needed filled, no dig ban from land owner all March and most April, Commando on rode doing shows, Moose and T money have been building a new big dirt at camp woodward=long hours, broke off heathens, pissed off heathens, trail pappy cranking 60+ hrs a week at work(he would be better off slamming his dick in a door then trying to dig after dark) and alot of guys arent coming around? Doesn't matter cause The Heathens are still pushing on and what was reworked is bigger steeper and better then the years before. The jam that was going to go down in June has been pushed back, to when not sure but alot of heavy hitter buds have gotten their sponsors to kick in alot of goodies!!! We will have a date for that on Mondays post. Gypsies tour right around the corner sounds like a good one! Check that out over at So go out and push forward and keep pushing on no matter how deep the shit gets theres always the other side...........???????????? Leave a comment dammit I like reading others opinions after they wasted 5 minutes of your life reading this kooked blog. Go Dig IT!!!!!!!!!!!


spadesandflats said...

doors hurt!

Stoner said...

I talked mad shit on our blog the other day on everyone that wasnt coming out...and low and behold there was 8 muther fuckers in the woods that evening. Try that out haha.

ryan said...

comin back up state soon but not sure when i'll be diggin... shiitszs