Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bust Their guts Out

The East Shore swap meet was last week and im just now writing what read on
Zack Gerber destroyed the KB high life course

Look at the faces, dudes put it all on the line last weekend

my only deal of the day, I hooked this guy up

Gerbers meat paw, dude did a bar spin right after, animal

The mad hatter

nice three to running a kid over on the landing, I love FBM events!

People busted there guts out last weekend at the East Shore swap meet. It was awesome to see alot of heathens I havent seen all winter. Kelly Baker showed us a awesome swim spot were we clubber some suckers.
Any rate the patch has lost alot of diggers, the list is:
Floater, T money, Tyson soft knee
"SHREK" Brent Hile broken wrist
Greggy broken leg
part time digger/commander Jarrett sprained ankle
Toyminater, JT, Toye appendix
Crazy Horse, dickoder, DB, Dakota Missing
Corey Fouse, helment polisher woodward
So come down jump some shit and lend a hand,


Anonymous said...

if you haven't been able to spell my name right after 5 years, why should i dig?

mike said...

KB looks wild as shit in that photo