Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vital Vital Vital.

Yesterday fellow Heathen Tyson Barner got the photo of the day on Vital BMX

See it here

Good shit Floater.

Friday, November 27, 2009


The great white has eluded the Beury Thanksgiving meal!!
2nd jump on the new 98degrees

the entry into the new behemoths

same shit different angle

The patch had the Heathen dig crew of 1994 today!! So sweet!! Brandon (aka Block) Tyson Amos and me, were just missing Jarrett. Jarrett is off to Florida back on the road doing stunt shows for rise above. Hope the ankle holds up bro, guess were going to have to come up with a new nickname for him, Show Hoe?? we will come up with something good. Good day reminiscing about old times. Go dig!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Its turkey day all over, we lost one of our own foul feathered buds. The great white turkey of the patch is Amos dinner today. The Heathens are thankful, thankful of friends to share time and memories, family to love, and nice Beurys who share this plot we call the patch.

Enough about Turkeys, Ive been working sun up to sun down and spending time doing what the kids want to do on weekends, but changes are under way. There is much drama about how things should be dug and what to change and where and if any new lines could be. Its crazy to be honest, I don't agree with much of what is happening but guarantee to ride it pedal, pump or skid, shit will work with a little tweek. Heathens are totally digging the patch up, 98 degrees is no more its now scary! I love scary big jumps! Jarrett is digging at the bottom on the wrap around. See everyone at the patch tomorrow to dig off the turkey! Im watching the wedding video again with the family and it makes me real thankful of my friend's! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Forever Fall!!!

Could it be with today's rainfall that our extended season is finally going to end? I surely hope not. But with the air getting cooler watery eyes seem to be the constant when it comes to flying down the hill at The Patch.

These shots are from a few weeks ago.

Brent tabe.

Amos euro.

Amos tailwhip.

Brent 360

Tyson tabe.

Some remodeling has begun at The Patch. So be on the look out next trail season for redesigned and new lines that make the place more dialed.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cobblestone Trails

Well there hasnt been any posts this week due to long hours at work. I had a melt down at work yesterday because they wanted to work till dark and I was supposed to have off to begin with! I made it to the patch yesterday just before dark and it was stacked full of Heathens!! The trails felt like a cobblestone driveway. Everyone was learning threes on the step up and riding away with them all day. So stoked on every ones radness, the best thing is the new line out of the dirt bowl is finally running all the way to the berm! First time for that its still hard as hell though. I havent made it to the berm yet, just A team warriors Brent and Tyson to be exact. No pics so heres some shots from the past. Dont forget- Williamsport City Hall November 16th at 6pm in the Sechler room!! come show that you give a shit and lets pack city hall!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hump Day!!

Now over the hump and downhill to the weekend. News- Penn State University, a close honey hole for rad street is building ride able art around the campus. That way the congregation of trespassers are in one concentrated area. Sounds interesting, and bet it never happens. Williamsport is having a meeting at Sechler Room of city hall on November 16th at 6pm for a cement public park!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So dont be a idiot and go pack city hall and show the city the necessary need! Seriously need a ride Holler Ill pick you up! Heres a video the Commander alerted me too over at of our Halloween Jam October 25th done by Pat Smith, go make plans to pack Williamsport city hall November 16th!! At 6pm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekend Fun!!

Amos transfer from hips to 28' backside!!
Zach getting it back!

Jake from Sunbury,
Mrs. Schmoid

Big balls Joe killed it Sunday!!

Mikes ready for Thanksgiving

Double trouble

Best turndowner in the patch? got my vote!

Joe wants back on the road!

the missing unit

Its six a clock, passing the McElhatten exit off 220 on the way home from work. Its dark when I go to work and dark when I come home this sucks!!! The patch had a few visitors this weekend, good to see people stopping in and having a good time. Enjoy the pics, sorry its been so long since a post. The mans wearing me out. Enjoy the gay captions and then go Dig!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

November Trail Days

Crazy Horse!

More horse power


Christan Team Penn College local Heathen

Mad Mike Heyers team Penn College

Tommy T finally getting it on hips

Flattie fatty Turbo

Christan, aka nacho!!!


The Heathens are loving the trails right now. The fact that the trails are still running is what I'm talking about, no humidity just sweet chill air to fly threw! Digging then some riding, digging and riding is the tempo. Enjoying the trails, beat down from the years abuse. But enjoying their last runs before the riding season comes to a close and the inner dig beasts and beards fill the hollow woods! Let the sun shine tomorrow!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday Trail Trippin!!!!

Glenn Johnson?
Clint 3ing a crazy hip!


BF fuzzy superdipped 3!

BF like fine wine, gets better with age

Potaz 3 turning down tramps

Super smooth Clint

BF big 3!

Brian aka Dunny

Wrecked Shrek

Crazy Horse

Shrek looking back on the year

Tommy T with the flattie

Glenn spin the bars alot Johnson

Mr. big Johnson again

Well the trail season is winding down in Pa. Snow on the weather forecast for Thursday with a daily overnight freeze in effect. It was wet but a unforgettable year riding trails for me! Shrek, Crazy Horse and the old man went down to the Holly land. Started things off at Catty were the Waves were tall and steep with a steady does of eastern wind in the chest, lines were best. Potaz, Glenn Johnson, Clint to dialed Renoylds showed up after lunch and shit went down! We all packed up and headed over to Posh were the old men were holding the fort down, Gilly Smalls, BF, Dunny, and Marky T even showed up to clean the rest of the dead leaves off the branches. It is always a treat for me to watch these guys ride, better then good porno. The sesh down in the woods was a great one we all ended it with a hot and ready dine out on the curb. Awesome trails with awesome people equal unforgettable moments. Now today, well chill with our Heathens brothers in the patch and bring this crazy trail surfing year to a end. Back to the dig, stack, pack season!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Catty Jam!!

was pretty awesome!! The family went down with me to meet up with The Heathens team-We don't Drink?? It was a little wet but real good, nice turnout with some legends in the mix as well. The 50/50 prizes were mack daddy! The long jump contest was fun as hell too. People tore it up all day smiling in the not so often sunshine. Defiantly a good time! Pics of the long jump sorry I wish I had more,