Friday, November 6, 2009

November Trail Days

Crazy Horse!

More horse power


Christan Team Penn College local Heathen

Mad Mike Heyers team Penn College

Tommy T finally getting it on hips

Flattie fatty Turbo

Christan, aka nacho!!!


The Heathens are loving the trails right now. The fact that the trails are still running is what I'm talking about, no humidity just sweet chill air to fly threw! Digging then some riding, digging and riding is the tempo. Enjoying the trails, beat down from the years abuse. But enjoying their last runs before the riding season comes to a close and the inner dig beasts and beards fill the hollow woods! Let the sun shine tomorrow!!

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patmedown167 said...

Tom I lost my phone I was trying to get a hold of you here is a video i made of the jam you can hotlink to it. i can get you a copy on cd too if you need one!