Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday Trail Trippin!!!!

Glenn Johnson?
Clint 3ing a crazy hip!


BF fuzzy superdipped 3!

BF like fine wine, gets better with age

Potaz 3 turning down tramps

Super smooth Clint

BF big 3!

Brian aka Dunny

Wrecked Shrek

Crazy Horse

Shrek looking back on the year

Tommy T with the flattie

Glenn spin the bars alot Johnson

Mr. big Johnson again

Well the trail season is winding down in Pa. Snow on the weather forecast for Thursday with a daily overnight freeze in effect. It was wet but a unforgettable year riding trails for me! Shrek, Crazy Horse and the old man went down to the Holly land. Started things off at Catty were the Waves were tall and steep with a steady does of eastern wind in the chest, lines were best. Potaz, Glenn Johnson, Clint to dialed Renoylds showed up after lunch and shit went down! We all packed up and headed over to Posh were the old men were holding the fort down, Gilly Smalls, BF, Dunny, and Marky T even showed up to clean the rest of the dead leaves off the branches. It is always a treat for me to watch these guys ride, better then good porno. The sesh down in the woods was a great one we all ended it with a hot and ready dine out on the curb. Awesome trails with awesome people equal unforgettable moments. Now today, well chill with our Heathens brothers in the patch and bring this crazy trail surfing year to a end. Back to the dig, stack, pack season!

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mike said...

man looks like some good stuff going down. getting it in while you guys can