Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hump Day!!

Now over the hump and downhill to the weekend. News- Penn State University, a close honey hole for rad street is building ride able art around the campus. That way the congregation of trespassers are in one concentrated area. Sounds interesting, and bet it never happens. Williamsport is having a meeting at Sechler Room of city hall on November 16th at 6pm for a cement public park!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So dont be a idiot and go pack city hall and show the city the necessary need! Seriously need a ride Holler Ill pick you up! Heres a video the Commander alerted me too over at of our Halloween Jam October 25th done by Pat Smith, go make plans to pack Williamsport city hall November 16th!! At 6pm!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Brad H. said...

Ill be there after work