Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Monday

didn't make it
Brent-no brakes with cast

Super stunner Keith Schmidt,


patch pappy


Patch Police

This broom is Awesome, heavy duty aluminum with a thick squeegee rubber blade great for smoothing it has a place for a hose at the end of the handle, gets work done quick and nice wish we had a couple more! you gotta get one for those little marbles

Crazy Horse back and already blistered cause these arent like packing whoopers

The new beast that has the patch pappy intimidated!

It started out a lonely day in the patch until a few Heathens rolled in from the outside. Greggy fresh off the injured list is back on it, Brent aka Shrek with cast on but coming off Friday was sending it today. The crazy horse was dialing and shredding and didnt Ole Keith Schmidt show up. It was awesome having some of the yesterdays crew in the patch to ride with. Hope Keith starts coming around little more as Dakota should too. The patch isnt far from complete so there should be a banger of a jam next month sometime so stay tuned and find out where we can score some of those dialamatic brooms!!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catty Jam


James Hawkins!

Trail Pappy

Well The Heathens migrated South to the Lehigh Valley for a Jam at the Catty Woods! Thanks for having us! These trails have to be the best on the East Coast!! They felt good, but unfortunately the Heathens had to leave a Heathen behind, Tyson- trail dialer patch master broke his tibia and fibia on a simple ditch out of a line. Sucks cause Tyson is a father and dirt master a brother to me and every other Heathen! The patch will surely suffer without him. The Dr. did surgery today(Sunday) and he has to stand on it before they let him leave. SUCKS!!! Really feel like shit cause i coaxed him to go real bad, hope it all works out. Tomorrow there will be Patch shredding and word in the woods is the 30 footer is getting sent by the patch pappy, so come out and lets blue groove some shit!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Trail tender paws..............
Everyones happy with a cold one........

Commander in the hole!!!!!!!!!! had to take the pic

Hot long days in the patch. The Heathens working long hours at work then racing to the patch to dial the monsters. Alot of work getting done this week! Things are looking good but where is everyone!!!!!!! Seems like the oldest dudes in the area are the only ones committed? Fuck it, Ill dig everyday! Haven't rode in a good bit, so I'm so anxious for the Catty Jam Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! Dirt dialing at its finest!! Hope don't blow there shit up!! So you should go support these guys! There trails are legit now so this should be a banger, get a waiver at or hit our link to get there and go dig till then!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Power Hours!!

Landing before 30 footer, bigger and badder not wrist jamming unless you blow your backend off after you case!

Come out and slam one down and stack shit up with the trail pappy tomorrow 7sh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Commando, 3 weeks and still in the same damn berm
This still needs finished.

T money turning down the revised hip

look at all those dents and divots
Well the patch has been pretty empty this year. Straights still isn't running, Harriet tubman line hasnt even been touched, the 19 ftr still needs work, and the 30 ftr and link to the dirt bowl running seems like a fucking pipe dream. This year has been a up hill battle, honey holes needed filled, no dig ban from land owner all March and most April, Commando on rode doing shows, Moose and T money have been building a new big dirt at camp woodward=long hours, broke off heathens, pissed off heathens, trail pappy cranking 60+ hrs a week at work(he would be better off slamming his dick in a door then trying to dig after dark) and alot of guys arent coming around? Doesn't matter cause The Heathens are still pushing on and what was reworked is bigger steeper and better then the years before. The jam that was going to go down in June has been pushed back, to when not sure but alot of heavy hitter buds have gotten their sponsors to kick in alot of goodies!!! We will have a date for that on Mondays post. Gypsies tour right around the corner sounds like a good one! Check that out over at So go out and push forward and keep pushing on no matter how deep the shit gets theres always the other side...........???????????? Leave a comment dammit I like reading others opinions after they wasted 5 minutes of your life reading this kooked blog. Go Dig IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Step Up Shots From Sunday Funday!





I like the step up dont you????

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday Dig Sesh!!

Moose knuckle friends, nice shorts buddy!

Brad Hawkins!!??? thought this guy was lost

Ron Whaite recently started his own trails in Lycoming County, nice to see he still can make it to the patch!

This video is donated to non diggen dudes, "Cory Fouse" etc. enjoy!
The Heathens were stacking it high on Saturday, wouldnt have it any other way! Resi riders are supposed to visit today, some locals put the blue groove in the step up hopefully 98 degrees on roids will be running! I was trying to look up the scientific name for allergic to dirt with no success. How ever I did learn that you should let your kids eat dirt because if they dont they will have alot os allegic reactions when they grow up. ?? No bull i saw it on the internet. See u at the patch bitches............

Monday, May 10, 2010

Shit Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Shit Show hosted by the Commander! Just add Miller!
Just dialed this weekend!


Shit show+ Miller +12 hrs behind barrels on 80

Send It!


long way to the TOP!

The Heathens decided after a long weekend of slaving on a much needed improvement they hired some guineas to send it, turned into a bit bigger and harder then before! But I like it! new shit going on, soils flipping and where those resie riders hiding?? Nice having everyone together in the woods broke off or not..............Let the good times roll!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Step It Up!!

mega step up
people comin out of the woodwork to lend a hand

sprinkle sprinkle

got meat

Scotty 2 Hottie brought his dog and boss to help on Saturday!!

earlie Saturday

Ryan trying the new hip out

mega hole up top is filled!!!

It has been a strenuous weekend of stacking and packing!! We got ourselves quite the regulator now!! Thanks to all who helped out it couldn't have been done without everyone coming together!! Now if we can get some more dirt trucked in we should be done in no time!! I cant wait to flip this dream crusher!!!!!!!!!!!!!