Friday, July 31, 2009

Flash Flood Friday!!

erosion at its finest!!

need a swale right by 98degrees to divert water into the brush and not through the rollers

tarps rule, to bad we couldn't cover everything!!

30footer tranny work yesterday survived

dirt bowl wash outs

We got a major douching today. 2 inches of rain fell in 5 hours, so the trail jam is a no go. This has to be the wettest summer I can remember. There is erosion problems from these storms like never before. All the hard work the Heathens put in this week is sloppy and eroded. The water comes ripping down the mountain like a river. We are going to have to build a diversion ditch to divert the runoff around the trails, sucks lost time on swales is not want Heathens want to do. Its really not too bad considering the amount of rain we got. August is upon us and Im ready for a drought! Tommy T's family and Heathen brothers will be grillin, chillin and digging all day tomorrow so come out if you want to ride shit next weekend. For you guys who have to travel far I would say nothing is going to be running. We will try next weekend for a jam!! Dont forget to talk shit in the comments so leave it there!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trail Jam!!!

tranny work
tarps save

the commanders favorite tool

runoff diversion roller?

I got nothen for this

striping the shit dirt sucks

Looking smooth

Come one come all!! Jam this Saturday, The Heathens have been dialing stuff all week. Looks real smooth. Amos has a big pile of brush for evening entertainment, did a mention the thirty footer is ready? The heavy douches have been hard on the patch but good effort has made the pitter patter dimples disappear!! Tomorrow is more dialing after camp, twelvers and stories. If it rains Saturday come stack some new lines!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Check This out!! Has a awesome post about a man, myth and inspirational friend..... Kelly Baker. Some really kick ass pics there. Also has some awesomeness! check em out!!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wash Out Weekend!!!!!!!!

She is good
The mark

Tyson dialing in a 16"

Birthday boy, 13! they grow up fast!


95 pics and i can only post 5.....whatever

The Heathens did a little patching in the patch this weekend. So much left to do! This week and weekend was a rough one. Lots of rain in heavy amounts, regulary has some major washouts in trannys and such. No worry it will be dialed by Wednesday. The weather didnt keep the Heathens down though. They made the trek to the booming city of Jersey Shore to attend Zachs birthday party/box jump jam. The sun was out then it rained and the sun came out and it rained all day. It was awesome the little guy was stoked bottle rocket ice cream cakes and Big Heathens sending 16" and 18" bikes. At dusk the party went inside for a x-box tattoo party thanks to Paige(Miss Tommy T)!! Big toes with skull and croosbones?! A good weekend comes to a end and a dirt dialing week begins!! See you at the patch!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trashed Tuesday!!!!

The commander!!
Ohh Grandma, what should we do??

Seriously pad up people!

Swing and a miss!!

Come on!! What would the Lehigh Valley crews do!! Leave it at the bottom......

Shit got crazy in the patch tonight!! The Heathens showed up with a extra twelve pack and Flying Ryan! People were digging when confusion broke out about the new line. So I ask you the viewers to decide what to do about the new in the comments make the first gap out of the dirt bowl smaller or make the second gap bigger!!!!! Don't forget to vote with a name or your vote doesn't count. Tell your mom she can vote too!! It was a good night. Flyn Ryan got bowling balled. haha! Thats when you get sweaty ride naked and toss your under ware in your buds helmet cause you dont want to ride wear them home!! sorry man. Any way Hi fives and sore cheeks from laughing your ass off is what its about!! a couple more exclamation marks and this might be a record!!!! Vote your voice counts........................bullshit, leave it anyway haha!! GO DIG

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Soak it in Sunday

30 footer is open!!
Dakota sailen Fort Wayne

KB+12pack in 1 hour+rest area= Sean Burns style after midnight!!

Bobby from Rochester on the big wheeler

Tyson boosting!!

After a exhausting road trip the Heathens went to the patch to ride and see what could be built like what we encountered yesterday. Still trying to soak it all in Bobby from Rochester stopped in to see what was new. He liked what he saw and the patch felt so good Tommy T sent the 30 footer!!! Yep its open !!! Send it, quite a rush it definitely helped seeing what we did yesterday. Totally pumped!! Lets finish the new line!! Get to the patch! Thanks again to everyone for yesterday!! Kelly Baker is BMX!!!

Inland Surfing!!

The Heathens met up with the Legend Kelly Baker for a trip to the southern PA woods. We went to see the best of the best. Some of the crew lost their Catty virginity. These trails are really amazing, there is no picture or words to describe the experience. The youngest Heathen Dig it Deep Dakota was the heavy hitter hitting the most lines. The commander and Tommy T were denied on the bottom biggies of drunk. Sore and dirty the crew decided to visit the godfathers of dirt dialing at Posh. Fort wayne was the favorite line and for me felt perfect. It was alot of fun and alot to take in in one day. I think after the guys have seen the best trails in the world that things will change in the patch. It was awesome to see the wizards of the soiled waves again and thanks for everything it was a epic inspiring trip!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fires, clams, and slams!!!!


crazy old man


Wow humpday already and Throw up Thursday tomorrow!! Alot of unleaded down the pipes this week, im drunk now!! Craig Klkechtner was in the patch this weekend. I dont know what to say, break dancing in the dirt, dudes getting hurt and my wife is going deep on this tatoo!! Got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Got Dirt?

Well the truck driver showed up yesterday and was stoked that the Heathens moved so much dirt by hand he brought us three loads for free! Not sure when the good dirt comes but wow!! We ship dirt in these days, no bullshit gotta fill in the holes. The powder clay from these loads is perfect for smoothing jumps!! Dakotas nuts are bleeding and sore but hes riding all day. Tie the knot tight TY broke his shoulder and collarbone the other day. Some guys tried to push it back in but it wouldn't go. ouch get better dude! Cartman, or as the New Yorkers call him Gator, I mean Kenny Newberry made it threw topset and the circuit so stoked for him. But enough of this reporting shit the jams today!! I have to get to the patch!!!! Leave a comment so I got somethen to read at work, thanks.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Man today the patch was mad!! Sticks crank arm fell off on his run up to top set(check yer shit!) could hav been bad!! The Lumberjacks seat blew off and he peiced his sack the hard way! He proceeded to ride with a manpoon the rest of the sesh, dudes a trooper. The new line got seshed along with straights or as the gypsies call it s-berms, shit feels good under plastic!! So after you read and stared at this dudes nuts you can surely leave a comment, so drop it likes its hot! c u @ schmoid b-day JAM sat byob.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Nothen new in the patch, but some Heathens are getting dialed in!! Im lazy and thats ok. Enjoy the pics of the week, oh and there is a big jam on Saturday with a evening Fire!!!!!!!! So get dialed in and well see you Saturday!!