Saturday, July 11, 2009

Got Dirt?

Well the truck driver showed up yesterday and was stoked that the Heathens moved so much dirt by hand he brought us three loads for free! Not sure when the good dirt comes but wow!! We ship dirt in these days, no bullshit gotta fill in the holes. The powder clay from these loads is perfect for smoothing jumps!! Dakotas nuts are bleeding and sore but hes riding all day. Tie the knot tight TY broke his shoulder and collarbone the other day. Some guys tried to push it back in but it wouldn't go. ouch get better dude! Cartman, or as the New Yorkers call him Gator, I mean Kenny Newberry made it threw topset and the circuit so stoked for him. But enough of this reporting shit the jams today!! I have to get to the patch!!!! Leave a comment so I got somethen to read at work, thanks.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i look straight up retarded in that last picture. amazing
-flyin ryan