Sunday, July 19, 2009

Soak it in Sunday

30 footer is open!!
Dakota sailen Fort Wayne

KB+12pack in 1 hour+rest area= Sean Burns style after midnight!!

Bobby from Rochester on the big wheeler

Tyson boosting!!

After a exhausting road trip the Heathens went to the patch to ride and see what could be built like what we encountered yesterday. Still trying to soak it all in Bobby from Rochester stopped in to see what was new. He liked what he saw and the patch felt so good Tommy T sent the 30 footer!!! Yep its open !!! Send it, quite a rush it definitely helped seeing what we did yesterday. Totally pumped!! Lets finish the new line!! Get to the patch! Thanks again to everyone for yesterday!! Kelly Baker is BMX!!!


Anonymous said...

old heads holding it down!

billy said...

ill believe it when i see it tom

Anonymous said...

flip it

Anonymous said...

Come to the patch and you will see it. Who said flip it? Probably the same guy who said he would do it if I didn't die. And he disappeared after I went 3 for 3. Bastards

Anonymous said...

Tom, you crazy bastard! You are my hero!

Anonymous said...

tommy taco

bobby said...

yea tom, shit was sick.

thanks again for letting me ride with you guys at your spot! shits dope! hit me up if you guys ever want to come up to rochester. 2 different sets of trails are running right now.