Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wash Out Weekend!!!!!!!!

She is good
The mark

Tyson dialing in a 16"

Birthday boy, 13! they grow up fast!


95 pics and i can only post 5.....whatever

The Heathens did a little patching in the patch this weekend. So much left to do! This week and weekend was a rough one. Lots of rain in heavy amounts, regulary has some major washouts in trannys and such. No worry it will be dialed by Wednesday. The weather didnt keep the Heathens down though. They made the trek to the booming city of Jersey Shore to attend Zachs birthday party/box jump jam. The sun was out then it rained and the sun came out and it rained all day. It was awesome the little guy was stoked bottle rocket ice cream cakes and Big Heathens sending 16" and 18" bikes. At dusk the party went inside for a x-box tattoo party thanks to Paige(Miss Tommy T)!! Big toes with skull and croosbones?! A good weekend comes to a end and a dirt dialing week begins!! See you at the patch!!

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Anonymous said...

good times!!!..... commander