Friday, July 31, 2009

Flash Flood Friday!!

erosion at its finest!!

need a swale right by 98degrees to divert water into the brush and not through the rollers

tarps rule, to bad we couldn't cover everything!!

30footer tranny work yesterday survived

dirt bowl wash outs

We got a major douching today. 2 inches of rain fell in 5 hours, so the trail jam is a no go. This has to be the wettest summer I can remember. There is erosion problems from these storms like never before. All the hard work the Heathens put in this week is sloppy and eroded. The water comes ripping down the mountain like a river. We are going to have to build a diversion ditch to divert the runoff around the trails, sucks lost time on swales is not want Heathens want to do. Its really not too bad considering the amount of rain we got. August is upon us and Im ready for a drought! Tommy T's family and Heathen brothers will be grillin, chillin and digging all day tomorrow so come out if you want to ride shit next weekend. For you guys who have to travel far I would say nothing is going to be running. We will try next weekend for a jam!! Dont forget to talk shit in the comments so leave it there!

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