Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trail Jam!!!

tranny work
tarps save

the commanders favorite tool

runoff diversion roller?

I got nothen for this

striping the shit dirt sucks

Looking smooth

Come one come all!! Jam this Saturday, The Heathens have been dialing stuff all week. Looks real smooth. Amos has a big pile of brush for evening entertainment, did a mention the thirty footer is ready? The heavy douches have been hard on the patch but good effort has made the pitter patter dimples disappear!! Tomorrow is more dialing after camp, twelvers and stories. If it rains Saturday come stack some new lines!!!!!!!!!


spadesandflats said...

Noon starts the mayhem

Anonymous said...

does ne 1 see amos diggin in ne of these photos???? i wish this was my bak yard !!!!