Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catty Jam


James Hawkins!

Trail Pappy

Well The Heathens migrated South to the Lehigh Valley for a Jam at the Catty Woods! Thanks for having us! These trails have to be the best on the East Coast!! They felt good, but unfortunately the Heathens had to leave a Heathen behind, Tyson- trail dialer patch master broke his tibia and fibia on a simple ditch out of a line. Sucks cause Tyson is a father and dirt master a brother to me and every other Heathen! The patch will surely suffer without him. The Dr. did surgery today(Sunday) and he has to stand on it before they let him leave. SUCKS!!! Really feel like shit cause i coaxed him to go real bad, hope it all works out. Tomorrow there will be Patch shredding and word in the woods is the 30 footer is getting sent by the patch pappy, so come out and lets blue groove some shit!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

wish I could have been there. Good luck Tyson!

Ron White said...

Wish I could come out tomorrow but financially it's a bad decision. Going to be working on my spot for most of the day though. Tyson is one tough fucking bastard I'll say that for sure.