Saturday, June 26, 2010

Team Salt!!!!!!!!!!!

360 bike flip!! wtf!!!!!! Zach Worden

Brent 360 from the bottom

Commanders perfection

Greg holding shovel? last years pink shovel award winner, so many in the running for that award this year!

Vinny is dialed!

Have you seen this guy?? Reward if captured alive!

Commander, hes doing it all this year!!! Thank goodness someone gives a shit!

skinny Vinny, better leave the ladies at home or this guy will take em

SOOO Salty in the patch Heathens are ready to kill each other. Some Heathens want perfection some want to walk away some dont even come anymore! T money graced the patch with his presence but vanished before we could chill. The Jam has the Heathens on red line days blend together Heathens wishing for awesome weather. The patch is definitely i different place lately cant wait for the jam!!! Camping is available at the trails or across the street, fireworks are encouraged!! Don't worry young shavers the years supply of monster will not go to any Woodward instructor or pro !! So come out this Saturday the 3rd to ride some pretty dialed trails and win alot of cool prizes that some awesome people contributed for this event.

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