Sunday, September 18, 2011

Productive Day!!!!!!

Portland.....we tried somthen new, PA Woods dirt sculpture mixed this in with there dirt for concrete berms, we think its to late for us to do that so we gave this dust and broom method a go. 96 lb bag was only ten bucks so wtf
wet soggy berm
dialing fast dry time?
trimming the new moto X line, (swazzy express)
formerly Shrek now Conan...
P Mac dialing the wash out
giving photographer hell
lets talk about it
pretty little shroom, they are everywhere!
2011 patch pimp Andrew Fox helping out the Heathens
dont get your car stuck at the Tompound and not expect to get roosted, jams coming up and your fore warned.

Super Stoked we asked for a little help on the jumps and alot of dudes showed up to lend a hand!! Awesome jams coming up and the trails are smoother then ever. Wowed at the shovel help from the resie riders aka Woodward lost boys!! Remember all money from entry fees and door fee ($3.00) goes to the 1-3 place teams in the 3 man train team comp, so the support of everyone can pay these roachin riders!!!

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