Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jam was a success!!!!!!

Shrek on the new swazzy express
lots of goodies from kickass sponsors
3 stories up callin the shots from the crows nestWill the thrill won best trick bar to 3 down whip, he threw a nipple twist
shrek frontie in best trick
3 can as Ronnie looks on
Max mega dick getting sick
Legend John Lee won second in most laps in circuit
last years patch pimp ripen it
lucky prize winner she roasted al of top set too!

Jam was a awesome!!! Thanks to all all sponsors!!! Everyone that came out raise some money for legend Mike Tag!!! New patch pimp is Andrew Fox!!!!! Big air went to Ronnie Napolitan!! second went too .......i forget im drunk . anyway most laps went too last years Derrick Brower 2010 patch pimp!!! runner up legendary John Lee shown young whipper snappers who's boss! Best trick went too Will Thompson bar 3 downwhip second went to shrek for the roasted front flip!! hope everyone had fun see you at halloween jam, and people are blowing up the yard as I type this. Shit time too party pics curtsy of Kenny Newberry flicker account with many more dope pics at Thanks everyone

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