Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last Trail Jam video!!!

Here's a recap of last jam-
Andrew Fox won pimp of the patch (chip n dale dancer in red helmet in video)
Farm boy in faded red t shirt was runner up. That dude amazes me another high five bud!!!
Best trick went to-
Will the thrill!! A b team renegade with a 3 to bar to downside whip!! WTF!!!
Brent Hile the barbarian came in second with a lovely frontflip.
Most laps on the circuit-
was taken by last years patch pimp Derrick Brower!!!
second place went to Legendary John Lee and his Mexican sweets gave him the distance.
Big air title went -
1st went to my hairs really silky Ronnie Napolitan
second went to the new 2011 Patch Pimp Andrew Fox!

This was done by Pat Smith youtube- patmedown167. I like it and appreciate the time taken to bust it out. Jams fill the patch with rawness. The patch has been totally empty since the jam?????????? Tommy T working his ass off, Amos thinks he's a fucking picker with a big shed of shit, Jarrett doing nothing, and Tyson is training for the Olympics as a professional kayak er!! Fuck it sometimes we all need a break to keep it fresh no worries from me because shit always comes together it always has for the last 20+ years.


Brad H. said...

Sweet video Pat! See you tomorrow Tom and anyone else going up

pmac said...