Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Runs!!!!

Well its safe to say the trail season is over for the year. With a couple occasional shovel stomps between now and Spring of 2010 when well do it again, the runs are done. Today the Old Man went to the patch to get a run in the snow. Defiantly don't recommend this, icy tyranny's cause tires to shoot out from under a good pump without warning!

Yearly awards will be posted on Friday!! Some titles are Best line?, Pink Shovel Award?, Dirtiest Rider?, Freshest Rider(least falls)?, Most Absent?, Biggest Snake?, MVR (most progression) ?, Last Run, that's obvious, Biggest Pain In The Ass Line?, Best Trick?, and any another titles you could think of post your comments here let us know. Its all in good fun...............


spadesandflats said...

pink shovel should go to Greggy

Anonymous said...

sickest trick= FLOATER!!! 3 flipping craziness

Anonymous said...

nice pics .. haha im the freshest snakiest most absent golden tamper award...

Brent said...

Cut greg a break...he's too busy trying to get a lipslide to dig. Tyson b- nipple 7 best trick

spadesandflats said...

Cmon people friday verdicts out! Vote now

Anonymous said...

poopie face tomato nose

Anonymous said...

best line-I speak for team samba when I say HIPS!
pink shovel-greg/corey
dirtiest rider-christian
freshest rider-tyson
most absent-jaret/corey
biggest snake-tom
Last Run-Tom
Biggest pain in the ass line-new line out of the dirt bowl...gross
Best trick-tysons nipple 7/jarret 3whip

spadesandflats said...

best ko=grandma!

Anonymous said...

if it dont make dollars , it dont make cents

Anonymous said...

best line- hips
pink shovel- greegy
dirtiest- amos 4sure
freshest- crazy mike
most absent- block
biggest snake- cory hahahahahaha
mvr- brent
last run- tom duh
biggest pain- new jump up top on circut
best trick- tommy ts dipped 3s

FloaterMcGavin "beaches"

Anonymous said...

best KO- Gma, sleepin beauty

Billy said...

best line= straights
pink shovel= tom
dirtiest= smoid
fresh= tyson
absent= me
snake= not sure
mvr= greg
last run= duh
pain in ass= end of circuit
best trick= whoever can 720 tyson/jarret
best ko= def grandma

Anonymous said...

best line=hips
pink shovel=greggy
fresh=ron white?
last run=the godfather TOMMY T
pain in the ass= top sets new jump
best trick= floater, whippping past 180
best ko= gma

crazy mike

Grandma gettin run over by reign dear and shizzz said...

this may be late but... well... I know every one is waiting for this shit ahahahah
Best Line: used to be top set to jarrets into the step up and quit it on the new set, only road that whole shit for one day but HOLLY TITS

Pink Shovel Award: Cory and Greg can snuggle over this one
Freshest Rider: Top Dawg Tyson
Most Absent: Billy the Kid WTF BILL
Biggest Snake: uhhhhhhh fuggit I love snakin bitches
MVR: Team Samba second in command, livin it up with some big ol Tah's in his face all day everyday, Mr. Magic, Brent Hile
Last Run: Mofuggin God Father. Respek.
Biggest Pain in the Ass Line: Top Set's new bull shit. Dynamite anyone?
Best Trick: Lookin for Tyson kickin it with the wood peckers and the squirrels all day up in the canopy and shit. HOLLY MOLEY
Best KO: WTF??

Ryan said...

PS, No mo trails so I'm expecting some seriously weird stuff to show up on this website in the next couple of months. GIT ON IT TOM!