Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where They At??????

The Hawkins Brothers gave a helping hand to the Heathens the other day. The Heathens are all but missing, Tyson still broke off Commander walked away from the patch and stubbornly refuses to return! And everyone else seems to be hunting lip slides. Weird and wild having such fine woods empty except for resie rider visits and friends from far away. Not to sure what to think about it all, all I do know is riding alone blows. P Mac comes to town tomorrow!!! Cant wait !!!!! So maybe we will see some Heathens tomorrow evening in the patch! And don't forget second annual Train comp trail jam will be on October 16th since the FSA contest is the 23rd at the Bryce Jordan center. So enough said, get over it and get to the patch you whining bitches!!!

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