Monday, August 9, 2010

Wicked Weekends!!!!

Ripe berries....mmmmmm
The Bruiser!!
Trains rule!
Resie Rider forget name, Alex?
Schmoid, in Commanders Face!!!
Max the Bruiser!
Cat Scratch Yetter!
Derek Braappp Brower!!
Patch Champion, showing it wasnt a fluke,

Wow, sums up the weekend!! Kickass patch with P Mac and company camping at the patch=night filled with double fisting and days full of trail blazing!!! Alot of good company rolled threw this weekend, Derek Braaaaapin Brower was back and killing it as usual to many kickass dudes rolled in but most were sickened by the stale heat and heavy drinking, causing low stamina and little desire to sweat it out. This is the most I have rode all summer griping and ripping steady since Thursday and no end in sight!! Loven It!! Hopefully we can role to the moue grandee inland waves of the Lehigh valley Wednesday since I will have to work Saturday anyway. At any rate thanks to everyone who has been out and lend ed a hand with watering, booming, drinking etc!! See you in the woods tomorrow night!!!!!!!!

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