Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Suck A Tit

these little bastards are boring in our jumps!!
Clint captain bad ass Reynolds at Mark Ps Jam, awesome time best jam of the year so far
Mark P, the host with the most, thanks for a another epic jam bud!

These Pittsburgh tweekers have built some crazy shit, so fun!!
(bottom) Grinchaboost
(above) Heathens blasting the big bottom line at the patch! Harriet Tubman is running all the way around the berm now! Wont be long till its done! Hopefully for the Heathens 2nd Halloween Train Trail Jam Comp October 9th!! Speaking of jams the welcome jam went down Saturday, it was epic best day roasting all summer for me! And I missed the flaming after hours shit show! Damn it!! Any rate Catty trail jam is this sat September 4th. Saints to Sinners September 11th! Every weekend seems to be roasting it up with buds somewhere, kick ass in my book!

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