Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jams Jams and more Jams!!!!!!!!!!!

Catty Woods, rad dudes+raddest trails=radical jams!!!!
This is going to be so good!!!!! So much there with awesome people!!!
trails have been around for ever, this group is putting it on the map!
These guys get loose so watch your wife! good dudes always a lasting memory

The Heathens are putting together a epic train contest/trail jam/high five fun time October 9th!!! Fly er isn't available yet because i don't know what the fuck I'm doing with adobe?! So support these fine events till then! Alot of good people making shit happen, super stoked!!! so awesome everyone bringing people together for good times! Its even awesomer(just made that shit up!) that these rad companies help some dirty dirt slingers stoke the shit out of people with kick ass products!! So the next time you need some parts you should remember what companies give back to the people and let that help influence your decision!!!!! Thanks to all the rad people in our sport amen lord s of ruckus

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