Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

Not too bad
little sag
wet clay stacked+2" rain+no tarp=collapse

Rains freaking me out!! We got two inch's Monday and Tuesday which these shots were taking. Wednesday was good the trails were drying faster then I would've thought and a new lip was built over the course of the day! Now Thursday we are receiving a cervix ripping douche from mother nature!! Bullshit dryer then a priests bar all summer and now 6 inch's of what the fuck in four days!!!!! Not sure whats going to happen for the jam/contest for the 9th!! The Heathens will be all hands on deck with some neighboring spots pitching in sum man hours. I have seen the weather forecast for the weekend and into next Wednesday. Looks good just what we need!! If we have dry days from here to next Saturday you will never know we received all this rain!! Fingers crossed, stay tuned for daily updates!!!!


Anonymous said...

Tom, whens the jam? -Evan

Anonymous said...

I mean Eddie

spadesandflats said...

Hahaha, October 9th bud. Hope all is well in Richmond!! let the south rise again, and god bless robert e lee!!