Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pumping up the Patch!!!

Awesome guys from the Chec, stopped in for relaxation and devastation!
Vinnie getting ready for the show life
Crazy, we haven't had this many heads all year!!!! The trails will be prime for jam!!
Tomas, helping tweek!
Cory Fouse
This is what Camp Woodward can do for you, Heavy Hitter
Well the pumpkins are delivered, people are manning shovels , stuff is getting done!!! The commander snuck back in to see if hes got the tricks for the road life????? Amos will shit when he comes home and sees the progress!! Bands will be after Jam across the street, Bands are......
R&R, Magic Missile, Accent Wall, Gorgeous, Your Children Is Beautiful, McKenzie!! Also possible Fat man appearance!!! Fire pit the size of Rhoad Island!! Possible high jump with 5ths of Even Williams for raditude prizes!! Also $2 greenbacks to spectate or ride for day, all money goes to purse. $1 raffle tickets to win bulk prizes, all this money goes to purse!! Train competition is $20bucks a team member, 3 man teams. All this money goes to purse !! I want to hook up the top three teams. Its hard to get a decent purse to split 3 ways. Totalaly purse gets split up............
1st place gets 50% of purse money and possible big bonus per member
2nd place gets 30% of purse money and prize bag of awesomeness!
3rd place gets the remainder 20% of purse and prize bag of redness!!
Camping available with many amenities this is whats going on the details the shit this jam is it!!!!!! Trails open at 9am. Big thanks to all our sponsors- FBMbmx!!, Last Call Distribution!!, Wasted Youth!!!, Nice!!, Case Bmx mag, Woodward camp!!, Subrosa!!, The Shadow Conspiracy!!, Full Factory Distribution!!, Sputnic!!, The Last People!!, Sunday!!!, Deluxe!!, Team Blowing It!!, Forty Distribution!!, You should think of these companies when selecting your new bmx components, products and fabio wear!! Pretty awesome these companies support the trail scene and help stoke everyone attending !! Thank You!!!!!!

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