Thursday, September 16, 2010

Visitors from Near and Far!!!!!

the ending to Harriet tubman line got another tweeking for the good, its the Heathens nemisis line!
Amos, landed a gig building ramps for Travis Pastrana at his place so 3 weeks till our big jam and Amos is in Maryland, sweet and not so sweet
Alex, resie rider and new Lock Haven resident lofting the 30footer, good luck in Salt Lake City man!
Tomas from the Chec Republic, rad rider and good man wish he spoke a little more english
Paul from the Chec Republic, happy to be able to share my pad with these rad trail legends from across the pond!
Resie rider stunting?????

Above is a video from from Paul and Tomas home town trails at there latest trail jam. awesome!! I can only hope to make it across the pond next summer!

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