Friday, October 1, 2010

Sun is Shining!!

new flats, enough for everyone..
Well the trails are going to need a little maintenance after this storm. Nothing to major, the sun in shining and the wind is steady so the trails should dry out fast! All drainage was cleaned out today waster ripping out of back logged trannys. We should have all Heathens and friends in the trails this weekend for some smacking and a little re stacking. Not as bad as one might have thought. Also i received a phone call last night stating that Kink bikes and Blackout distribution would like to jump on board as a sponsor!!! Awesome !! Looks like we might have quiet a competition as who will be the winning bike company !!! Teams so far FBM, Sunday, Circuit, and Kink bikes!! Stacking up to be epic!! Also pumpkin carving tomorrow night at Tommy ts garage after dusk, to carve our sponsers into some pumpkins!!! See you this weekend!

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