Sunday, October 10, 2010


Ryan hooked up the music!! Thanks!!
Tasty lips!!
Nice Hips
John Lee on the 30'Midwest under arrest
Team Poop
This is the bad pic banger run, The backseat Badboys!! 1st place
Shrek finally throwin the frontie out
Rocket man clickedy click Kleckner!
Team Midwest Epic run!! And 2nd place!!!!!!!
1st place!!!!!!!!!!! The Backseat Badboys!!
3rd place, Team Fbm! thanks for helping clean up in da morning!!!!!!
4th place Team Dumpem Out!!

Wow!!!!!!! Im still taking it all in!!! So many pics to go thru here is a little sumthen to hold u over! This was the best jam/party ever!! Everyone made it possible who attended and helped with prizes and holly shit it was AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thanks the riders did some major manuevering super stunting!!!! Congradulations to the new high air winner!!!!!!!!!! Adam Guillams!!!!!!! maxed out the bar, Number one thanks to Fred and Robin Beury for letting the Heathens build there little dirt empire!!!!! Im still major exhausted and probally dont make any sense but thank you for the time of my life this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

where is the video of this jam?? It should be a awesome watch.

Anonymous said...

Could you send me all the pics from the jam at

spadesandflats said...

well taylor all pics are on my facebook @ tom terrill enjoy!