Sunday, October 24, 2010

Heroes of Dirt!!

Dirt contest went down in the A town saturday
Alex Landerouse took 3rd place clowin around- I feel he shouldve got placed higher
Flip Whip the man was on a mission, glad to see he got his shit together cause when he showed up at my place in the morning he forgot his bike!! WTF!?
Alex Landerouse!!
Best damn thing Foster did all day besides skipping the hip, doubla AA racer pump a root and three the last one!
This old ass Blue Falcon earned 2nd place, dont quit see how this happened?
Big Daddy hoochie haunched a win finally!

had to take this pic cause there may never be another one! Pattrick with a shovel...........
Justin big ball Toymenater wreckin dirt mounds and milf hounds everywhere 8th? place hell yeah!!

James rebel run Hawkins 7th? place!! Heathens showin accelerate some player hate
James putting the butter on, saw BF drooling over this.....
The dirt dialin legends turning a cold turd on a paper plate into hot shit on a golden platter!!
We went down with a mean convoy for a good time. Three out of ten brothers in the finals ain't bad if I do say so. Not sure if I agree with the outcome but it was awesome. Get well soon Shrek. Big props to Alex, James and Toy for reppin and ripping the hearts out of many fellow competitors! Stoked to see my buds kill it!!!!!!!!!!

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