Monday, October 25, 2010

Trails Closed For Winter!!

Fred says the patch is closed till spring................WTF!!!!!!!!!
So this is my new canvas for winter.....
Baby face Big? Daddy?
James Hawkins caressing the gap........
Robbo, from across the pond, awesome style all day!
Big Daddy showing his rodeo skills......
Pigs, Ive never seen so many cops in one place!! Allentown was not safe this day
Aloise this guy shouldve placed higher 360matic

So the trails are closed?! This is something I haven't seen! I miss the stacking aspect of digging and maintenance seems to be all we really do in the patch since we cant build any new jumps.. Pumped on a new canvas to paint but concerned on rules and regulations on the patch! Weather has been super sweet for riding trails, bummer box jumps just aren't the same.


Anonymous said...

Thats Bogus best time of the year and the trails are shut down

Anonymous said...

i agree bogus

Anonymous said...

Whats up Tommy, trails are closed, what the hell that means? Dont understand. Anyway greetings from Texas, weather is awesome and trails not bad at all, sweet. You are welcomed anytime.
Paul and Thomas.
PS: As you know, I do not play that facebook game, so my mail is bmx.hout(at) Cheers.