Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sore Sunday

The Heathens have sore wrists, shoulders and swollen fingers. Its all good cause the ladies love swollen finger man hands! The patch is getting done at a record pace! Big thanks too The Lieutenant, Schmoid, Lumberjack, Bio Brent!! Straights jump to berm jump berm is all tampered in. That shit is huge and a big job! The new line got hit today and the first gap out of the dirt bowl is huge! Tyson nailed the next one too! Heathens went nuts after the dig session. The old man busted his ass trying to flip the step up, Lumberjacks turning shit down! Tailwhips over the dirtbowl channel! The dirt bowl is awesome, the best its ever been. So many lines! Fun Fun Fun The patch is the Heathen Haven!


Anonymous said...

my foot print is still on the wall @! haller

Anonymous said...

its holla keith ! I miss ths patch soooo much ... i made out with the nite chik at this hotel in akron she was pretty hott.. now shes blowin my shit up ,, too bad im in pa ! tonite lame .......! see youins this weekend most likly .. i see some new faces hmmmm ,,wers fagdon ????
nashville tuesday ... livin