Thursday, May 28, 2009

Throw Away Thursday!!

Another 12hour day of life behind orange barrel's, work sucks! The Heathens are taking care of responsibilities, but hows everyone doing it the same week? Rain? Weather has been super wet, but shits so hard nothings soggy, But bumpy so how about someone go wheel some dirt to the painted out holes and patch them bitches!? The dirt bowl could use a serious tweeking too, The Lumberjack and old man with a part time schmoid have been turning the corner on the new line. No pics cause of long ass day, pics from last week. Goodnight sleep tight..........unless you feel guilty of rapeing the patch!


Anonymous said...

i was wasted eatn mints hahah ,, miss the patch havnet raped it yet but ill try after this week !!!! see u boy this weekend !!!

Anonymous said...

be there this weekend to help out! more pictures from the wedding! miss all you guys and riding a real spot(the patch). altoona sucks!