Saturday, May 23, 2009


The Heathens had a nice chill fire Friday, till the wrong people showed up being dumbfucks schmoiden up the patch! P mac bailed with the old head to meet the commander and first leiutenant. Headaches and fat bitches followed us from the bar to the commanders castle. The old freshly married man slept in commanders yard in his own puke! To bad Tye the fry guy left the patch on his wheeler waking up Schmoids mums at 3am! Dumb Bastered!!! Its ok though cause all the Heathens were in the patch today along with a bus drivern Chicagoian named Vinny. Vinny is a front wheel spinner master. any time, anyplace! So many dudes shredding the patch on a daily basis is rad! Posh tomorrow if the rain holds off, get on the bus! You should check out they are holding a trail jam in a feild with camping, six bands, trails with lights, beer and good times on June 13th. I was at the first one last year with the whole family and it was awesome so I'm going again, you should too, its like bmx ozzfest!!


Anonymous said...

awsome day ,, fun missed it soo much ..... ! im drunk gnite commander

Anonymous said...

i hump the bars nicely

Anonymous said...

haha i laft wen i saw this i dint kno tom even got a shot of that , very nice oppo tabe too,,, me