Sunday, September 27, 2009

Washout Weekend

Well Friday in the patch was a awesome good time waves were flawless that led to some epic ground breaking, surfing. Which was seen in the last post. The Bakers came into town friday night and had a bonfire in Tommy Ts yard, only to wake and head thru Amish Pa Dutch country to Camp Woodward. The NBL nad a triple points national there and for a more then fare fee you could ride the rock, outdoor street and little dirt. Too bad the rain came an hour and a half after we paid but the kids had fun with what time they had. I was shocked to see the race cancelled due to rain!! What happend to bicycle moto cross? When i was racing many moons ago we raced rain or shine snow and sleet!! To me the NBL is turning into money hungry pussies. To dangerous I was told!? Road bikers race in the rain!! I lost alot of respect for race directors and organizers after witnessing this spectacle of sheep. The rain caused the three outdoor areas to close as well funneling everyone into the one building Lot 8. It was a sight to see! I was little upset Woodward didnt open anything else for all the people that paid the $35 to ride. No worries the Heathens came thru and opened the school to thin the heard. It was still overcrowded with chaos though. Coolest part of the whole day was getting in Cloud 9 VIP style courtesy of Kelly Baker with the owner of Woodward so our kids and family could get out of the over populated mayhem. Kellys kids are tight with Evar, Eds grandson and they all had a ball riding in there with just Jeremiah and Andy Buckworth. Mr. Buckworth is a dialed dude sending all the bangers for our entertainment and trying to earn himself a lipslide!! It was a good time despite the inch of rain. Its now Sunday and still raining causing the patch to be a swamp Im sure.. We will see who gives a shit this week and shows up to move the soil cause they know the trails arent running. Always funny how that goes. see you in the patch!!


sawyer said...

yo TOMMY T! it was good meeting you man..thanks for lettin us crash at your was too bad about the rain but going to Woodward was worth it and we'll definitely be back. Looking forward to the trail jam dude and if you ever need a place to crash in NY my door is always open to you and your family. see ya at banksgiving man have a good one -sawyer

Anonymous said...

bak in ohio ,, for tomorrow!! little tired .. seeu guys this week end maybe jarret

Ron White said...

Gettin my boots and my fuel on. Then on my way to the Patch. Fire up the spades and flats!