Thursday, September 24, 2009


thats what it looks like from the top of the 30footer backside
mach 3!!

is it tight?

no excuses commander.

Well the Heathens got a little shit done and took a little today. check it out We didn't mean to steal any ideas or take anything from anyone. The last time i was around some of the main diggers this idea was talked about and swore i got a thumbs up. Any rate there is no profit for us in this comp/jam! The cover, entry fees, and 50/50 tickets sales go into the purse. We wanted to have a fun jam with a contest that would have a big money payout!! We couldn't think of any other way to gain enough money for a decent purse, so this is what we came up with. Payout is 50% to 1st place, 30% for second, and 20% for third! Hopefully people buy lots of raffle tickets cause there will lots of kick ass prizes given away. We would like to donate the proceeds from the refreshments to pawoods. The Heathens wanted to put a fun comp/jam together that gave back to the people who attend that's all! Flash tells me no worries so I feel a lot better and hope to see a Catty team come win it all! We didn't mean to piss anyone off, but its hard to do when your a Heathen.


Anonymous said...

wow who cares who thought of it first, gay

Anonymous said...

let s all hav fun...! ridaz

Anonymous said...

in michigan chillin,, keith got clips on nitrcircus bad ass!!!! spendin the weekend here 4 shows tommorow busy day !!! jarret

Brad H said...

Let just get people together, have a jam and have fun

Ron White said...

Pick, shovel, wheelbarrow, repeat!!

Ron White said...

Update this bitch Turbo