Monday, August 31, 2009

Dialing Dirt........

This is my favorite pic of the day, Nice!!
Legends digging, hell yeah!!

Canonball Commander!!

Transfer from hips to straights........trails are so good right now!!!!!!!

the cleanest tightest dreads in the patch!

Get out my swamp donkey!!!!!!!!

The mans still got it good

Kick it

Lieutenant dialed!!

Catch it

Can u find the Lieutenant??

Belmar!! 4 Pack!!!? Holy shit someones blowin thrue the fence!!!

It awesome when legends stop in at the trails not only to ride, but to help dial in the dirt! Mr. Wessel and Dr. Ron were in the patch smoothing shit out and then shredding it to the gnar. It was an ideal day in PA for trail activities, 70 with a breeze almost feels like fall already!! The Commander was commanding super stunts all over, he wouldn't get in the hole. First Lieutenant was in the hole and in the trees. Amos was asking Wessel about dread tips for his messy hair, MVR of the patch was moving soil and riding to a boil. Still cant get over these BMX pioneers dialing in the patch like that, super cool. Its 5 days away till the belmar!!! Cant wait this is going to be the best comp/jam fun time of the year!! Heathen big time heavy hitter convoy leaves Friday for the show whoever wants to go follow in tow. Leave your feedback in the comment section sissy!


Anonymous said...

Fun day! Lets do it again tomorrow...

-All around badass

Anonymous said...

tomorrow belmar warm up.........haha

Anonymous said...

Catty Jam day after Belmar. Don't park in the alley. Find a spot on race street or in the neighborhoods. Shit is DIALED right now.


Anonymous said...

i would just like to say i think it's great that brent refers to himself as MVR, and shrek ahahahahahah so good. this weekend is going to be a shit show, total shit show! TITS FOR LIFE! >numero uno team smaba<