Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pennsylvania Mountians

Sweet old Pennsylvania!!
ART, everyone who builds and rides should strive for this dialness!!

Birth of the new line 3-13-09

Wish we could get a day or two like this again, 3-17-09 new line.

How about a, Trail team train dirt comp circuit?????????? How rad would that be?!!!!! Three different sets of trails or more with a cool jam style competition to raise funds for a fellow patch of monster orange inland waves. It would be crazy, never done before. Five riders or so on a team that would train threw lines at trails getting scored on style, stunts and how many finished the line?!! Or something like that. At any rate, yesterday i got a vision of a line to tie the 30 footer into the dirt bowl with enough speed to launch into the new line!! Speaking of, Heathens need to ape that shit out and get it back around in time for a Halloween JAM!!??

Seems like its been hot as hell and muggy all day for work and at 6 every night its gotta pour and soak the Lets get pumped and make some art on a magnificent scale...................called Trails!!! Let us know what think about the team train trail circuit comp!!!


spadesandflats said...

that idea about a train(team) comp is sick!

Anonymous said...

get that shit rolling! sounds amazing!


Anonymous said...

i feel ya !!!! commander.. ill b bak sunday!!!! with fire!!!

Anonymous said...

Missing the patch...see you saturday!


bobbyp said...

dude if you guys have a halloween jam count me in!!!!