Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thunderstorm Tuesday

Monster job!
Dont cut it down to build just temporary adjust it..........

Shit hole, someone needs to clean this up.

All the rain and undermining has caused the death trap

More rain of course, the patch was almost dry when I got there today only to be soaked again. The little things the Heathens have done to help get through this crazy monsoon year are working. The commander is out of town for the next couple days so we could finish the new line! The soil is sure saturated enough for some easy piling. Well it will probably be another night of solo digging tomorrow unless you come down, so get to the patch. You should check this video of Colt Fake over at the come up or youtube. That guy is too burly. so awesome go peep it. and leave a comment, lazy fuckers

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Anonymous said...

way to keep it goin ,,, maybe amos will b up tomorrow?? thursday