Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain,

Yeh, I feel you Commander.
August, Old ass man

Jully, Rise Above stunt show heavy hitter Vinnie

Congrats to Seth for the dk dirt win!!

Nutter scooter style smooth as butter, June

May was good, in and out!

............and more Fucking RAIN!!!!!!!! Enough to drive me insane, the woods wet makes me fret. Its dark when I go to work and dark on the way home, to tired to give the wife my bone. Just wana go to the patch, give my nuts a scratch, throw some honey hole dirt, take of my shirt, an take runs to I hurt. No Heathens around, miss that rolling cassette sound, tires ripping on hard ground. The shade of the trees and the cool mountain breeze, makes time freeze. Commander shouts, Tye the knot Ty is out and my foots got the gout..this is what happens when listing to pandora and writing a blog.........lost in a fog shit swear thats it but the time is near when Danial Dhers is here, throwing stunts rolling b@#$$!s chilling with the Heathens, hope the Schmoid keeps breathing!! Keith Schmidt aint shit, and thats it.......


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! swear i was listening to keith try to rap. lol

Anonymous said...

You sure do have a way with words brotha >Flyin Ryan<