Monday, August 3, 2009

Clumps build better JUMPS!!!!!

Shocker!!! The Commander packing with a Flat!!!
Baldy stepping it up!!! Bitches can wait!!

MVR of the month!! Trucking Dirt!!

Wads of earth!!

Well its was business as usual for the Heathens in the patch. Still working on the Little's, almost done cant wait it will be fun!! Little trail drama tonight, the old head flipped his wig over the upcoming agenda for the patch..........." Its bullshit we cant finish a line before we tear a good one down to re do!" He is upset over the lack of effort on the big shit, he did jump the 30 footer with a promise from brothers to follow if he avoided a wad up. No wad up, even a tire grab to big nibbler and no one followed. SHITTY! But he agrees the improvement on Little's is a long over due improvement. So lets get that done throw some shit on the second one of the new line to make this old tired sour puss happy then on to 98 degrees, tear one out make it better. What ever happened too new lines? Trail Drama at its finest!!! You cant have trails without drama!!!!!! So it wont belong for the Little's are done, JAM Saturday? The DK dirt circuit is Friday Am practice 10am 12:30contest. Pro practice Saturday 10am Contest Prelims 12:30 in Springboro, Ohio. Get some or come to the patch. Rain is on the forecast for Wednesday. Dig, Dig, Dig your ass off!!!!!!!!!!!! The crazy horse aka Dakota aka dick Oder is on family vacation, step it up mother Fuckers. He will defiantly be missed this week!! The Heathens will keep plugging away!!!!

MVR=Most valuable rider this year goes to Brent Hile!!!!!!!!! Way to go Brent!! He is a dirt dialing wizard with bike skills to intimidate any rider!! Working at Camp Wooodward, Biology degree from Lycoming College waiting for the right call. Were happy to have you!! So look out PUSSY'S!! I heard he will be attending the Brawlin at the Belmar#3!!! Sponsored by FBM Bikes and if your not riding one of thees why not,...........Retard!! Cant wait!! September 5th!! At the Belmar bar down town in the booming city of Binghimton NY. see you there check this out at and that being said, get your fat ass off the couch and out to the Beury patch to DIG some Fuking dirt!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

yeh what he said!!

spadesandflats said...

thats what im talkin about little respect for the godfather

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Brent, on behalf of Team Samba! Tits for Life! Totally forgot my bike in Media and ready to get some motha fuckin diggin done motha fucka! DAMN! HOT DAMN! THIS SHITS MY JAM! AND ITS THE AM! BREAK IT DOWN! Boom ch ka ch boom ch ka ch (flyin ryan)

- bitches aint shit