Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thirsty Thursday!!!

old man

Commander is a natural for nature

Littles done and fun!!

Tyson making it look easy

The Heathens MVR

Peaches out of frame!!

The rain held off and The Heathens wrapped up the Little's today with a visit from Ron Kilmar!! Probably spelled his name wrong again!?? Awesome to see another legend in the patch. Smooth as silk!! Some Jersey Shore boys were up to shred as well. Brent the MVR of the year was killing it as usual. Tyson boosting the newly done line. The Heathen has mad skills!! Corey Fouse even showed up to ride, now if he would just come once in awhile to dig! It was a real good sesh. The godfather was wasted and wadding it up as usual all over the patch. Wish the man would just ride chill once in a while. Flying Ryan also showed up running wheelbarrows of dinosaur dirt to some unwanted holes. Once again Jam on Saturday!!


Anonymous said...

FUCK! I over slept and missed my ride to come down today. I will be down tomorrow for sure! get me a good wheelbarrow ready. Im filling holes. lol

-Hampster (NY GATOR) =]

zach said...

tom its zach saturday the js riders are coming to the jam should be an awesome day cant wait!!

Anonymous said...

thirsty thurday.... on wednesday? lol

Anonymous said...

OSHA aproved