Monday, August 24, 2009

Heathens and Nachos

You have no rad Richmond is!!

This guy had the helicopter going so hard bitches were chipen teeth

Look at his foot!! so glad the G unit made it out of this!!

the raddest baddest basterd in bmx!!

This guy was a Chippen Dale dream smasher straight outta the Nachos!!

this guy doesnt really give a fuck

Toymenater!! dominater!!

This was white knuckle!!

100degrees at 8am!! check out the wire on the fence in the background, B teams suite!!

Flash, carefull he's mean cause he has no hair

Heathens were double shifting Robert Lees backyard all weekend!! The Commander and Amos were stunting for the Confederates on Saturday when they were rained out, the b team was on a 12hr trip to Richmond(6hr trip) with the honey hole visits along the way!! The tri fecta was perfect, DWI across three states?! We had A-team super stunter heavy hitter along for some trailer park carnage. Cherokee sent us straight into Hell!! barb wire tent toss under the street lights sweet dreams, to double A gate starts with a little trails in between. Im pretty sure a saw this dude flairing for tits!!!! It was the shit!! Thanks to all who jammed in for the long haul, one if not the best road trip ever!! Train wrecked kids and solid lids the Heathens kept up the Union tradition with a good trip to Richmond!!!